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Halal & Molecular Biology Laboratory Achieves EN ISO 17025:2005 Accreditation

Halal industry in Malaysia opens up a tremendous opportunity for manufacturers and food producers in Malaysia. It has been estimated that the potential value of the halal food industry is between U.S. $ 600 billion and U.S. $ 2.1 trillion. This is associated with the concept of high quality of halal food products in terms of cleanliness, sanitation and compliance to the requirements of the religion.

Presently, the scientific analysis of observing the contamination of food products with pig oriented material should be made to strengthen halal or haram status of a food product. Therefore, HALAL & Molecular Biology Laboratory at Melaka Biotechnology Corporation has been initiated and awarded with the MS ISO 17025:2005 by the Standards of Malaysia on 22 March 2013 which providing the testing services on HALAL Detection.

Our HALAL laboratory test involves the analysis of pig DNA detection in processed food products and raw meat. Pig DNA detection was done by molecular biological methods of DNA extraction and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). The scope of food that has been successfully analyzed includes; raw meat (chicken, beef, lamb, pork) and processed food (meatballs, sausage, canned fish, canned pork, animal feed, flour, spices, and biscuits).

HALAL & Molecular Biology Laboratory of Melaka Biotechnology Corporation also functionally equipped with complete laboratory equipment to conduct the DNA detection tests like centrifuge, Thermoshaker, Laminar Flow, Fume Hood, Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Systems, Microplate Spectrophotometer, Thermal Cycler and UVP Gel Documentation and Analysis System. With organized and competent resource, our lab also aims to be the most quality and efficient HALAL test provider in the near future. In unison to sustain the Islamic law, we also in hand to support the growth of biotechnology industry in Malaysia.

Makmal Halal & Molekular Biologi Mencapai Akreditasi MS ISO 17025:2005

Industri halal di Malaysia membuka peluang-peluang yang amat besar bagi pengilang-pengilang dan pengusaha makanan di Malaysia.  Telah dianggarkan bahawa nilai potensi industri makanan halal adalah antara AS$600 bilion dan AS$2.1 trilion.  Konsep halal ini dikaitkan dengan produk-produk makanan berkualiti tinggi dari segi kebersihan, sanitasi dan pematuhan kepada keperluan-keperluan agama.

Analisis saintifik untuk melihat kontaminasi produk makanan dengan bahan berunsurkan khinzir perlu dijalankan untuk mengukuhkan status halal atau haram sesuatu produk makanan. Oleh itu, Perbadanan Bioteknologi Melaka melalui makmal Halal & Molekular Biologi kini telah mendapat pengiktirafan MS Iso 17025:2005 oleh Standard Malaysia pada 22 Mac 2013.

Makmal kami menjalankan analisis pengesanan DNA khinzir di dalam produk makanan yang diproses dan daging mentah. Pengesanan DNA khinzir ini dilakukan melalui kaedah molekular biologi iaitu DNA extraction dan Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Skop makanan yang telah berjaya dianalisis merangkumi sampel daging mentah (ayam, lembu, kambing, khinzir) dan makanan yang diproses (bebola daging, sosej, ikan dalam tin, daging khinzir dalam tin, makanan haiwan, tepung, rempah, dan biskut).

Makmal Halal & Molekular Biologi, Perbadanan Bioteknologi Melaka dilengkapi dengan peralatan makmal yang lengkap untuk menjalankan pengesanan DNA khinzir seperti Centrifuge, Thermoshaker, Laminar Flow, Fume Hood, Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System, Microplate Spectrophotometer, Thermal Cycler dan UVP Gel Documentation and Analysis System.