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What We Offer

We are providing laboratory analysis for your product of business

Our Services

Food & Beverages
Product Testing

Testing Services

- Nutritional Fact
   * Malaysia Standard
   * International Standard

- Heavy Metal Testing

- Microbiological Testing
   * Aerobic Plate Count
   * Yeast and Moulds Count
   * E.coli Count
   * Coliform Count
   * Enumeration of Staph. Aureus
   * Detection of Salmonella spp.
   * Enumeration of Listeria
   * Antioxidant Assay
   * Shelf Life Study

Product Categories

- Dairy Products
- Flour and Confectionery
- Non – alcoholic Beverages
- Sauces, Herbs, Spices and
- Honey and Honey Products
- Nuts, Fruits, Vegetables and
  Derived Products
- Fish and Fish Products Meat,
  Poultry and
  Derived Products
- Egg and Egg Products
- Sugar and Sugar Products
- Infant Foods
- Nutritional Supplement
- Drinking water
- Ice

F&B Testing

Our Services

Pharmaceutical And Cosmetic Product Testing

Product Categories

Pharmaceutical Products Herbal *
Medicinal Products *
Health Supplement *
Food - drug Interphase Products *
Patches & Plaster *
Cosmetics *
Cream,Lotion, Ointment, Powder,  
Solution, Soap, Perfume and Cleanser  

Testing Services

Nutritional Fact
   Malaysia Standard *
   International Standard *

Microbiological Testing
   Total​ Aerobic Plate Count *
  Total Combined Yeast *
/ Moulds Count   
   E.coli Count *
   Detection of Salmonella *
Detection of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa *
Detection of E.coli *
Detection of Staph.Aureus *
Detection of Candida Albicans *
   Bile - tolerant Gram negative Bacteria *
   Chemical Compound Analysis (GCMS) *
   Antioxidant Assay *
      Shelf Life Study *

Pharma & Cosmetic Testing

Our Services

Halal Services

Testing Services

- Detection of Porcine DNA 
  Via Conventional PCR

- Alcohol Detection Via GCMS

- Physical Examination of Pig
  Hair and Pig Skin


- JAKIM HALAL Certification 

- HALAL Concept Training
- HALAL Quality Assurance
- HALAL & Toyyiban Process System
- HALAL Warehouse System

Halal Services

Our Services



Product Categories

Testing Services

Waste Water *
Water Treatment Plant *
Waste Treatment Plant *
Factory *
Retails *
Cosmetics *
Agriculture *
Related Industries *

Environmental Testing

Heavy Metal Testing

Aggregate Organic
Constituents Testing

Inorganic Non - Metallic
Constituents Testing

Physical & Aggregate Testing

Microbiological Testing

Total Coliform Count *
E.coli Count *

Environmental & Personal
Physical & Aggregate 
Surface Swab Sampling *
Settle Plate *

Air Monitoring

Our Services

RT-PCR Testing

Diagnostic lab was developed using previous GLP certified Toxicology lab facility. Since toxicology lab was abandoned and not operating for more than 2 years, MBC has decided to use this facility and developed it into Covid-19 testing laboratory.

Testing Services

1.  6 units semi-automated extractor and 4 units
     RT-PCR machine.
2.  Process & generate up to 376 specimens and
     test report in 4 hours.
3.  Maximum daily testing capacity - 1000 test/day

Operation Hours


Monday - Saturday
8.00am - 5.00pm

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